'Vircruit' is

your very own Digital Marketing Don.


Think of us as the ‘marketing extension’ for your sales team or Social Media sidekick for your ‘Practice Manager Pam’ – who just can’t understand why her bi-monthly Facebook post isn’t getting any engagement?

Digital Marketing is a funny old thing, a specialism, an art form, a science.

Don’t let your practice manager struggle with your Digital Marketing any longer, give it to a Specialist.

Vircruit provides Low Cost-High Impact Digital Marketing Solutions, exactly when you need them.

Eliminating the need for a costly on-site Marketing department.


We’re the only Telehealth Marketing specialists on the planet and we’re here to make a positive impact on your brand and the future of healthcare.


What we do

Our Virtual Marketing specialists work closely with you to create a compelling brand message. Captivating your audience with creative content and education articles. Amplifying your message and mission and reaching out to new patients.

Our team of experienced Marketing Experts will design, schedule and manage your Marketing and Content Strategy, giving you time to focus on treating your patients, growing your Telehealth practice AND taking some time off to relax of course!!

With the power of Social Media, the latest technology and a sprinkling of ‘marketing magic’, Vircruits Digital Marketing Specialists will boost your brand engagement, improve your SEO and build captivating campaigns to educate and inspire your audience.

We don’t take your marketing lightly, book a call with us so that we can get to know you and your practice goals.

Are You an Experienced or Budding Marketing Expert who’s keen to go Virtual?


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